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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

yarn.... something I can do from home!

I think I want to learn how to make yarn. Raise a couple sheep or some rabbits and make my own yarn. I've been checking out things at the library, a couple books on spinning and weaving and a couple books on sheep and rabbits. I think rabbits would be more feasible to start out with since they are smaller and I have taken care of them before.

My first one was a floppy eared bunny named Haley. She was so cute and she had some supper cute babies! Too bad I don't have any pictures of them... I remember, one time, I had this older dwarf bunny we adopted, I fell asleep on the couch with her (she was a sleep too) and when I woke up she peed on me, haha. Oh well. It wasn't that bad just not the ending to a nice nap I was hoping for. Though I think she probably enjoyed it ;)

My grandpa used to have an angora rabbit, along with several other kinds of rabbits. Their fur is so soft, I can imagine that it would make some really nice yarn. If the Lord lets me do this some day then maybe I'll experiment with dying the yarn too.

I was reading one of the rabbits books earlier today when it occurred to me that I could have six rabbits and groom them each on a separate day, leaving Sunday open, of course, and I could name them after the days of the week that they were to get groomed, hehe. I don't know that I would actually do that, but it would work ;)

Ooooooo, another thing I thought of was that I could kind of make a hill over and around their cages then they would stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. I could plant things on top of the hill, like wild flowers, clover and such so it would be pretty. I really should draw some of this out so I don't forget.

Any way.... this was just something that has been on my mind lately

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